My art practice reflects my life, living as a creative person for more than 30 years, here in the Dandenong Ranges.


My passion for printmaking has taken me on many great adventures, here in Australia, Greece and New York.


My main interests are block printing, screen printing, collagraph printing & the slow organic art form of botanical printing.


The practice of botanical dyeing takes me on  long walks through  my local forests, foraging for leaves, then processing, by wrapping those leaves in natural fibres to form bundles and simmering those bundles in a dye pot for a few hours.

It’s a slow magical process that can’t be rushed.

Each piece is unique and tells a story of a moment in time and place.


Mono printing, screen printing and collagraph print making, are other techniques I use to reflect my story.

It may be a simple story of walking with my dog, through forests of giant Mountain Ash trees, that surround our home, collecting leaf matter and other organic elements, being in touch with the earth, the forest and feeling totally connected to that moment in time..


Once back in the studio, these natural elements help direct my art practice on so many levels.


I feel excited to be able to offer workshops and handcrafted items to you, that reflect the beautiful landscapes of the Dandenong Ranges, where I call home.




Paper Cloth Studio