Jo Horswill, printmaking artist and teacher. she lives and works in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. Her studio is shaded by a big Oak tree and  is surrounded by nature and art.

Hi, I’m Jo, artist/owner of Paper Cloth Studio based in The Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia.

Looking deep into the natural forests that surround my home, ignites the creator in me.

I use leaves, bark and other natural finds that I gather on my walks, then once back in the studio I use a variety of techniques to create my nature-inspired work.

Botanical contact printing, Collagraph and mono printing are just a few of the techniques that help me create my works on paper, cloth and artist books.

The practice of botanical contact printing takes me on long walks in and around my local forests, foraging for leaves.

I process the foliage by wrapping leaves in natural fibres to form bundles and simmering those bundles in a dye pot for a few hours. The leaves eventually imprint onto the natural fibres, leaving behind beautiful leaf prints in an array of natural colours.

Each piece created is unique and tells a story of a moment in time and place.

Since early 2021 I have been offering an Online Workshop – A Paper Journey: Botanical Contact Print on Paper. See more information and sign up here.